Passing Phase

Passing Phase

Performance Installation (2016)

24 lights.

24 loops.

24 minutes.


A dazzling ode to chaos, performed in circles.


.dash present an immersive performance installation, that explores patterns in chaos and order in disorder.

Ultimately asking, is hope a Passing Phase?


Originally commissioned by Margate Festival and performed on Dreamland's Big Wheel using 24 phasing lights (controlled wirelessly via dmx), sound loops and live performance.


Phase two of Passing Phase will be performed at Profound Sound, Folkestone, 5th February 2017. For more information visit:

"Wow, wow, wow, Passing Phase was incredible and clever ... [it was] about daring to hope in times like these, even though we are cheering for sandcastles." Margate Theatre Club

"Mesmerizing and fundamentally beautiful." Gemma Cairney, BBC Radio1


Photo Credit: Jason Pay